About SOC

Stoney Only Clackamas is a partnership with the owners of the landmark Oles’ Medium
Rare and the founders of Stoney Girl Gardens Seed Company USA. Stoney Girl Gardens brings 16 years of experience at assisting patients in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program along with their award winning products and internationally acclaimed and proven knowledge and development to the patient population.

Our new dispensary is designed to provide the best quality, thorough knowledge, and a proven, professional environment to get you the information, resources and products you need. For the first time we will be making available our private collection of cannabis flowers, along with innovative therapeutic products like our popular capsules, lotions, suppositories and even enema kits. Don’t worry, we will also have your favorite array of top quality medibles, soda pops, candy and more.

Stoney Only will be the first Stoney Girl Gardens “Direct Factory Outlet”. But Stoney Only is not Only Stoney. Our success is built on being a local neighborhood and community based service organization. We look forward to being a local outlet for Clackamas residents and patients participating in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. We depend on finding high quality products produced locally and strive to assist our local entrepreneurs in this unique new market. We strive to provide the customer with quality products and knowledge. This should be a store for and by our community. We welcome you to your new local store.

Stoney Only Clackamas LLC is a for profit business operating under the Oregon Administrative Rules, Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division Chapter 333, Stat. Auth.: ORS 745.314, 475.338, Stats. Implemented: ORS 475.314, Medical Marijuana Facilities, January 8th, 2015. In addition we maintain a close relationship with Clackamas County ZDO in following local Ordinance No. 04-2015 regarding time, place and manner regulations.